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    for the country and part of efforts to make state-owned enterprises more competitive. For y▓ears, CEOs and managers in state-owned enterprises have been appoin▓ted by the government. As well as their job titles, they are also given an administra▓tive rank as civil servants. This rank sets them apart from managers of private compa▓nies. They enjoy the same benefits, promotions, medical care and retirement packages as civil se

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    rvants of the same rank. They are also part of a reserve pool of future government officials.Op▓erational reforms have injected vitality into state-owned enterprises in recent years. But old-styl▓e human resource management methods, particularly for choosing managers, have become a▓n obstacle to growth. Yang Guoxiong, Shanghhai Government Official, said, "If the government's arm stretches too far in managing enterprises' le

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    adership, enterprises will be less market-oriented and managers will focus not on running the business, but on pla▓nning their political careers."China will launch a long-awaited growth enterprise board on May 1st. It will serve as a new direct financing platform for innovative companies. China's securities regulator released new guidelines on Tuesday. ▓The regulations state that companies seeking a listing on the new Nasd

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profits of at least 5 million yuan for the most recent year on revenues of at least 50 million yuan. T▓he company must also have an annual revenue growth of at least 30 percent in the recent two ▓years. The guidelines are set to go into effec

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or the instituti on must ▓sign a labor con tract of more th an five years with the graduat e. €Photo tak en on April 11, 2 007 shows Ze yang Somco(L), a gradua te from engin eering college of Tibet Univ ersity, learns managemen t regulations in an enterpri se▓. (Xinhua Photo) €It will receive 5,000 yuan for signing ▓a two-year labor contr 嵊泗县wap 六盘水市wap 龙州县wap 额济纳旗wap 元阳县5G 遂宁市wap 东至县5G 盂县wap 辽阳市wap 丹阳市5G 九台市5G 景谷彝族傣族自治县wap 西峡县5G 扎赉特旗5G 泰州市5G 郯城县wap 长汀县5G 宁晋县wap 嘉鱼县5G 察哈尔右翼中旗wap 刚开传奇私服发布网通 微端传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服军哥版本库 超变态传奇私服65535 传奇私服客户端十周年下载 热血传奇私服虎牙 传奇私服怎么修改版本 传奇私服手游排行榜 传奇私服如何开外网 手游传奇私服吧